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(10/30/13) -

More Canadians & Britons view Edward Snowden as “hero” than “traitor”, Americans split

Three country survey reveals support for Snowden’s leaks, but mixed feelings on government surveillance overall

(12/19/12) -

Obama’s Unique Chance to Alter Gun Status Quo

The debate has to be carried out without a mention of the Second Amendment.

(10/22/12) -

Will Romney Suffer Gore’s Fate in 2012?

Romney’s national surge, particularly after the first presidential debate, did not lead to gains in the states he needs to win in.

(06/27/12) -

Twitter Not a Safe Haven for Racism in Britain

Despite some welcome changes, there are two issues that have not been addressed fully.

(05/26/12) -

Blue and Orange Political Map Hinders Canadian Liberals

All told, the federal Liberals are losing one-in-five of their voters to the NDP.

(05/20/12) -

Obama’s Evolution on Same-Sex Marriage

In an election year, Obama’s pronouncement has been deemed controversial.

(05/04/12) -

Uneasy Lies the Head that May Wear a Crown

The fact that republicanist sentiment would subside under William cannot be taken lightly.

(03/23/12) -

Why NDP Supporters Should Care About Quebec

A Thomas Mulcair-led NDP would finish an election in Quebec nine percentage points higher than the Jack Layton-led NDP in 2011.

(03/11/12) -

Proportional System Hurts Republicans in U.S.

Mitt Romney is often blamed for failing to close the deal. The primary system is also responsible for this problem.

(01/23/12) -

Cameron’s “Big Society” Fizzles Out in Britain

From the start, the main hindrance of the policy was its size.