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(04/22/14) -

Conservatives lead Liberals, NDP among both eligible and likely voters in April

Support for federal Liberals in Ontario, BC declines among likely voters

elections act
(04/17/14) -

On debate over proposed Fair Elections Act, Sound does not necessarily equal Fury

Sustained news coverage & high-profile criticism don’t change opinions of those unfamiliar with the legislation

(04/07/14) -

Quebec Liberals carry lead into final campaign weekend; movement of CAQ vote hurts PQ

Marois deemed best premier by 20% of eligible voters.

Elementary classroom setting.  Focus on teacher and chalkboard.
(04/07/14) -

Analysis: British Columbians’ satisfaction on public education lower than rest of Canada

Study of two years of survey data shows BC rate consistently below national average

(04/03/14) -

Amidst provincial political upheaval, Wall’s job approval is highest in Canada

In Newfoundland, Tom Marshall rides wave of new-premier goodwill

(03/24/14) -

Liberals lead Conservatives among eligible voters; different story among likely voters

Voters most likely to cast ballots put Liberals, CPC in virtual tie

AB politics
(03/17/14) -

Albertans support Wildrose over Progressive Conservatives two-to-one

Poll shows Opposition Leader Danielle Smith would win majority government if election were called tomorrow.

Canada Afghanistan
(03/13/14) -

Four times as many Canadians say Afghan mission had positive impact on world peace, security than negative

Survey shows 35% Canadians say their involvement had a positive impact, 8% negative

(03/07/14) -

The People’s Pope: Francis’ first-year focus on the poor impresses Catholics, Non-Catholics alike

UK, US & Canada survey shows North Americans most enthused about plain-speaking Pontiff, Britons less so

elections act
(02/28/14) -

Awareness breeds contempt: The more Canadians are aware of Fair Elections Act, the more they oppose it

New survey reveals most Canadians aren’t following the issue closely