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(03/07/14) -

The People’s Pope: Francis’ first-year focus on the poor impresses Catholics, Non-Catholics alike

UK, US & Canada survey shows North Americans most enthused about plain-speaking Pontiff, Britons less so

Christmas 2
(12/20/13) -

It’s “Christmas”, not just a “Holiday Season” in the US, UK and Canada

Christmas uniquely brings whole nations together for family and religious reasons

(12/12/13) -

Canadians less likely than the British or Americans to do holiday shopping online

In a three country survey, Canadians most likely to purchase with credit

Full Report, Detailed Tables and Methodology
(10/30/13) -

More Canadians & Britons view Edward Snowden as “hero” than “traitor”, Americans split

Three country survey reveals support for Snowden’s leaks, but mixed feelings on government surveillance overall

(05/14/13) -

Americans Reject Removing Offensive Language From Books and Movies

Half of respondents admit to sometimes acting “politically correct” because it is the safe thing to do.

(05/14/13) -

U.S. Economic Confidence Improves; Canada Highest, Britain Lowest

Since December 2012, the level of concern with specific financial challenges has subsided in the United States.

(05/14/13) -

Support for Death Penalty in U.S. Surges After Boston Bombings

Three-in-five Americans believe capital punishment is the preferable approach to punish convicted murderers.

(05/14/13) -

Less Than Half in U.S. and Britain Believe in Man-Made Climate Change

In Canada, practically three-in-five respondents say that global warming is a fact and is caused by emissions from vehicles and industrial facilities.

(03/22/13) -

Americans Happier with Health Care System Now Than in 2011

More than two-in-five respondents continue to voice support for repealing the health care legislation signed by President Obama in 2010.

(03/14/13) -

Americans Think Other Countries Were Right to Avoid Iraq War

Respondents remain divided on whether launching military action against Saddam Hussein’s regime was the correct option.