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(12/12/13) -

Canadians less likely than the British or Americans to do holiday shopping online

In a three country survey, Canadians most likely to purchase with credit

(05/14/13) -

U.S. Economic Confidence Improves; Canada Highest, Britain Lowest

Since December 2012, the level of concern with specific financial challenges has subsided in the United States.

(01/15/13) -

Two Thirds of Canadians Agree with Decision to Phase Out the Penny

Three-in-five respondents are opposed to taking the five-cent coin out of circulation in Canada.

(12/28/12) -

Economic Confidence Higher in Canada Than in U.S. and Britain

One of the biggest concerns for respondents in the three countries is unemployment affecting their household.

(12/21/12) -

Artificial Trees Are First Choice for Americans, Britons and Canadians

Convenience is the main reason cited by respondents who shun real Christmas trees.

(12/20/12) -

Weight, Spending and Debt Are Main Holiday Worries for Canadians

Only 30 per cent of all reported holiday transactions have involved cash; most purchases are being made with credit cards and debit cards.

(10/16/12) -

Most Canadians Would Block Proposed Takeover of Nexen

Practically four-in-five respondents believe foreign governments should not be able to control resources on Canadian soil.

(10/10/12) -

Canadians Confident on Economy; Americans and Britons Despondent

While most people in Canada are satisfied with the state of their own personal finances, those in the U.S. and Britain hold negative views.

(07/25/12) -

Economic Optimism Higher in Australia and Canada, Compared to Britain and U.S.

Australians and Canadians are also feeling more positive about their current domestic economic conditions than Americans and Britons.

(07/03/12) -

Two Thirds of Americans Reject Ditching the One-Dollar Bill

Most also disagree with the idea of eliminating the penny and rounding transactions to the nearest nickel.