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(02/19/13) -

Half of Americans Would Allow Same-Sex Marriage

Age, political leanings and views on homosexuality are the main factors in defining support on this issue.

(02/05/13) -

Most Britons Would Agree to Let Same-Sex Couples Marry

Youngest and middle-aged respondents are more likely to support a change in legislation than those over the age of 55.

(01/31/13) -

Americans More Morally Conservative Than Canadians and Britons

Respondents in Britain are less likely to find medical testing on animals and clothing made of animal fur as “morally acceptable.”

(09/18/12) -

Support for Legal Same-Sex Marriage Increases in Britain

If a referendum took place, younger respondents would be the most likely to vote in favour of legal same-sex marriage.

(05/20/12) -

Obama’s Evolution on Same-Sex Marriage

In an election year, Obama’s pronouncement has been deemed controversial.

(03/12/12) -

Australians Support Same-Sex Marriage More Than Americans and Britons

In Canada, three-in-five respondents want same-sex marriage to continue to be legal.

(08/31/11) -

Support for Same-Sex Marriage Increases Considerably in U.S.

Generations Y and X lead the way in calling for changes, but older Americans are not as convinced.

(08/03/11) -

Two-in-Five Britons Endorse Same-Sex Marriage

Younger respondents are more likely to call for new regulations in the country, while older Britons are not as welcoming.

(10/11/10) -

Political Allegiance Shaped by Stance on Moral Issues in U.S.

Americans of all political stripes have a similar moral compass on issues such as contraception, divorce and infidelity, but some striking differences become evident when their party allegiance is assessed, a new Angus Reid Public Opinion poll has found.

(07/27/10) -

A Third of Americans Favour Same-Sex Marriage

(Angus Reid Global Monitor) – Adults in the United States remain divided on the legal recognition of gay and lesbian couples, according to a poll by Angus Reid Public Opinion. 36 per cent of respondents believe same-sex couples should be allowed to legally marry, while 23 per cent think they should form civil unions.