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(03/08/13) -

Canadians, Hockey Fans Ready to Take Fighting Out of the Game

Two thirds of respondents in both sample groups support eliminating on-ice fights in professional hockey.

(02/27/13) -

Americans Split on Whether Cell Phones Should Be Used on Flights

Men are more likely than women to support a regulation that would enable passengers to make phone calls during a flight.

(11/09/12) -

Canadians Blame Owners for NHL Lockout, Most Expect to Lose Season

Two-in-five hockey fans in Canada are watching minor league games more often than before the lockout, and 31% have switched to NFL Football.

(10/24/12) -

Most Americans Think Doping Claims Against Armstrong Are True

In a list of 12 current and former athletes, only Tiger Woods has a higher unfavorable rating than the former professional cyclist.

(09/11/12) -

High Support in Britain for Making Helmets Mandatory for Cyclists

Almost half of Londoners consider their city “very unsafe” or “moderately unsafe” for cyclists.

(08/28/12) -

Americans Support Augusta National’s Decision to Admit Female Members

Most respondents believe private clubs should be allowed to dismiss membership applications based on citizenship.

(08/06/12) -

Olympic Games Too Commercial for Americans, Britons and Canadians

A majority of respondents in the three countries believe the Olympics have benefitted from the presence of professional athletes.

(07/17/12) -

Interest in London Olympics Highest in Australia, Lowest in Britain

Australians are also the most likely to say that results depend on the performance of athletes, and not government or sports authorities.

(07/11/12) -

Americans Support Allowing Sports Betting in All States

Most respondents would also like to see people being able to gamble online across the country.

(07/05/12) -

Coffee is an Essential Component of the Morning for Most Canadians

Watching television in the morning is especially popular in Quebec.