(Angus Reid Global Monitor) – Few people in Sweden believe the current monarch should abdicate after he turns 65, according to a poll by Synovate published in Dagens Nyheter. 62 per cent of respondents want King Carl XVI Gustaf to stay on.

Carl XVI Gustaf became King in September 1973, upon the death of his grandfather, King Gustaf VI Adolf.

In 1975, the last vestiges of the monarchy’s constitutional powers were transferred to the Swedish government. Still, as in a number of other European countries, the royal family retains its titles and performs ceremonial duties.

In January 1980, a change in Sweden’s Act of Succession came into effect and allowed for the eldest child of a monarch to inherit the throne regardless of gender. Crown princess Victoria became heir apparent, instead of her younger brother, Carl Philip.

The 33-year-old Victoria will marry 36-year-old personal trainer and gym owner Daniel Westling in June. Earlier this month, Finance Ministry spokesperson Lena Westlin commented on the mounting cost of the wedding—currently estimated at $11.4 million U.S.—saying, "You’ll need security guards, personnel to manage the grounds, and others to create a functioning household for the Crown Princess and Daniel."

Polling Data

King Carl XVI Gustaf wil turn 65 next year. Do you think he should stay on as monarch or abdicate in favour of Princess Victoria?

Stay on as monarch




Not sure


Source: Synovate / Dagens Nyheter
Methodology: Interviews with 1,038 Swede voters, conducted from Feb. 22 to Feb. 25, 2010. Margin of error is 3.1 per cent.