Angus Reid Global has built National Panels in Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom. This allows ARG to gauge the views of respondents in all three countries on a wide range of issues, from government surveillance, to politics, sports, health and consumer trends. We also have partnerships with other online and phone research providers enabling us to conduct research in any country at any time.

Angus Reid Forum, Springboard America and Springboard UK are recruited via a campaign that incorporates a widespread invitation approach and a double opt-in screening procedure. Respondents are recruited through targeted banner ad placements on websites and through partnerships with non-governmental and charitable organizations. This approach ensures an appropriate demographic balance that captures the diversity of each country across all sub-segments of the population.


Our panels are maintained through advanced sampling techniques and frequent verifications of personal identity, contact information, and demographic characteristics. Their membership reflects the general population by continually verifying and recruiting so that the socio-demographic characteristics of each sampling region match actual sub-populations according to both the census and electoral data.

There are approximately 375,000 members of our Panels. They have served as the platform for accurate electoral forecasting studies since 2007.

The national surveys conducted by Angus Reid Global can gather the opinions of representative samples of 1,000 or 2,000 respondents in fewer than 48 hours, whereas it may take as many as 11 days for some competitors to interview the same number of people.

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Springboard America

Angus Reid Forum

Springboard UK